Join us at the Om Yoga Show, London 21-23 October 2016 to celebrate 10 years of Om Padma!

What a decade it’s been: leaving London for Cornwall and then last year leaving Cornwall for Devon. Travels to India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and recently to Peru. Exploring my love of textiles, of design, colour and yoga. Its been a journey of self discovery, as I delved deeper into my purpose.

Its been a bumpy ride. Many more failures than successes. But at least I tried. I had a go. Left the city and went to the beach. Followed my dream to live by the sea. To own a tumbledown cottage called Scrumbles Hollow. To light fires and watch sunsets over the ocean. I’ll never regret it.

Ten years on and where am I now? I am about to start a PhD at Exeter University in Women’s Leadership, I am engaged to an amazing man, have a wonderful dog called Frank who loves chasing sticks and many creative friends to share my journey. And I’m a bit skint.

So if you’re at the Om Yoga Show in October, come and say hi. Maybe buy a bag, or a shawl. Or just tell me your story and I’ll tell you mine.

We are all the richer for having shown up.

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