The drums rolled down the valley at Embercombe and across to the wilds of Dartmoor, as we stood in our circle of one hundred women, stones at our backs, and sung ourselves together. Together we stood in our calling to welcome Pat McCabe and her group of indigenous elders to this land, to our land. Our own elders called on the youngest among us to light the fire at the centre of our circle. We sang to our Celtic ancestors, remembering the Bronze Age woman who had been found on Dartmoor. With the rousing drum and song we called our guests, elders from indigenous communities from all over this planet, women who had stepped forward with the intention to heal the archetypal wound of the witch burnings.

We welcomed them with song, with drum and with ritual. A blustery day in April out on the moor we welcomed Pat from Native America and women elders from Mexico, Columbia, Chile, India and Australia. They introduced themselves in their way. With their name, their ancestors and a short piece of their story. Pat was taking them on a journey to England, France, Germany and Italy, to work with their European sisters to bring the archetypal energies back in to balance, for the sake of Mother Earth. What happened that day is a mystery to me, a powerful healing mystery. What I heard was of the need to connect back to our land. To start listening again to her. Pat cautioned once you have received her wisdom, you need the courage to do as she asks.

Blessed this earth

blessed this ground

blessed this prayer

that we pass around

blessed this fire

blessed this flame

blessed this hearth

that we kindle again.


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