Land of the Jaguar

Lying in a hammock, under a palm tree, overlooking the Caribbean sea, I thought, I must be doing something right. I was back in Tulum on the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico for Day of the Dead 2017, which also happens to be my birthday. This time it wasn't my idea to go to Tulum, my…Read more Land of the Jaguar


Making Futures

'A Beautiful Life' was the name of the film made about the South Korean potter Kang Hyo Lee. His traditional ceramic practice was beautiful in its simplicity, as was his studio life in rural South Korea, at the foot of a mountain where he would meditate. On the advice of his Japanese friend he loosened…Read more Making Futures

A very Om Padma wedding

On Saturday 11 February 2017 a long awaited event took place. Lou Tilbury, founder of Om Padma, finally got married. Keld Van Schreven is always late, and it took him far too long to turn up in my life. When we eventually did meet, at a disco in a hedge at Port Eliot Festival 2015, it didn't take long for us to recognise each other. Keld proposed at the Festival a year later, so it seemed fitting to marry there. We chose a winter wedding of roaring fires, snow and snowdrops. You know what they say: cold hands, warm heart.

Fabric of India

It was raining as I wandered past Harrods on the Brompton Road in Knightsbridge, London three days before Christmas. The streets were bustling with shoppers looking for last minute presents. I was on a mission, to see an exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum called The Fabric of India. I’m rarely in London these…Read more Fabric of India

Ten Years of Om Padma

What a decade it's been: leaving London for Cornwall and then last year leaving Cornwall for Devon. Travels to India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and recently to Peru. Exploring my love of textiles, of design, colour and yoga. Its been a journey of self discovery, as I delved deeper into my purpose.

Honour our Broken Women

The drums rolled down the valley at Embercombe and across to the wilds of Dartmoor, as we stood in our circle of one hundred women, stones at our backs, and sung ourselves together. Together we stood in our calling to welcome Pat McCabe and her group of indigenous elders to this land, to our land.